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If you’re looking to buy medical cannabis from an online dispensary in Canada. Nature's Pharmacy provides the highest quality medical cannabis and concentrates on the market. Here you're guaranteed to find potent medicinal cannabis and concentrates with shipping you can trust. Browse our collection of cannabis and concentrates below.


If you prefer to buy concentrates like budder or shatter over dried cannabis. Our selection of shatter, live resin, HTFSE, rosin, budder, distillate and much more will leave you on cloud 9.

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Order your flower & cannabis products and provide proof that you’re 19+ years old.

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When you buy shatter online you want top shelf, lab tested products with high potency. Buy Shatter online at Nature's Pharmacy.

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Indica plants produce sticky dense buds that are rich in flavour and potency. Great for evening/night-time use and chronic pain.

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Sativa strains produce an uplifting and stimulating high. Which makes it perfect for day time creating or social activities.

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CBD & Health

CBD is a great alternative and can provide relief for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation and more.



Looking for a place to buy weed edibles online with fast and discreet delivery? For those who don't enjoy smoking, there is a wide range of marijuana products to experience the joy of cannabis. Click here to buy weed edibles.

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Why Buy From Nature's Pharmacy

With a Canada wide marketplace, Natures Pharmacy delivers high quality flower & concentrates and top-of-the-line accessories from Vancouver to Toronto, leaving satisfied customers coughing in its wake from coast to coast. All Natures Pharmacy products are lab tested for THC & CBD percentages and include a full product description that covers aromas, flavors, effects, strain genetics and parenthood, creating a highly personalized purchasing experience where little is left to chance with the customers getting exactly what they are looking for.