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Clem Entine Vape Cart by Nice BOB

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Category: Vape Pens , Nice BOB
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I grew up in the grove. It’s my whole life – there’s nothing I like more than chasing the Lemon Skunk through the Tangie grove just after it rains. So uplifting yet so relaxing. I enjoy a night out but don’t get invited to too many parties as I tend to overpower the room. I can be mellow if that’s your thing. If you like feeling ridiculously happy, I can do that too. If you need to buckle down and get some shit done or figure it out, I’m your guy – I’m an excellent coach, thanks to my Sativa side.

The Bob Cartridges line of products contains only top-quality THC Distillate and terpenes!

Ingredients: THC distillate, terpenes.

Bob Cartridges do not contain Vitamin E acetate.

Instructions: There is only one temperature setting and no buttons. This is an easy pen base to use and set perfectly for Bob carts. Just screw the pen into the cartridge and inhale.