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Kings Kush Disposable Pen

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King's Kush is an indica cannabis strain best known for its potency and sparkling trichromes during cultivation. Boasting THC levels upwards of 20% King's Kush offers a range of effects such as intense relaxation and feelings of euphoria. This is one of our favourite nighttime cannabis strains because of its potency.

King's Kush is often prescribed to patients who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation. It also works great for alleviating anxiety, increasing appetite, mitigating migraines, minimizing the effects of PTSD, insomnia, and depression.

  • No VQ
  • No PG
  • No Alcohol
  • 100% Organic Oil Base

How to recharge your Diamond Vape Pen:

  1. Locate the Gold Cap at the base of your vape pen.
  2. Unscrew the Gold Cap slowly to reveal a USB-2.0 port.
  3. Connect one end of the USB Cable to the USB/Charger Port on your Vape Pen.
  4. Please allow up to 3 hours of charging time for your Vape Pen to fully charge. 

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