Diamond Valley Kush Shatter

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Category: Concentrates , Diamond , Shatter
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Diamond Valley Kush Shatter Available at Nature's Pharmacy

Diamond Valley Kush Shatter: ​Anyone who has been using cannabis in Southern BC for any amount of time will have a familiar relationship with this one. Characterized less by genetics and more by growing style, this label is often used for crosses of Rockstar, Green Crack (Indica), Purple Kush and other deep indicas available to Fraser Valley growers over the past 30 years. Special feed programs and growing techniques applied to these genetics result in an extreme expression of associated traits. Look for smells and tastes of earth, pine trees, spices and rich woody aromas. Medicinal users will reach every time for this one when they need sleep, relief from persistent pain and inflammation, or recovery from an anxiety episode.

About Diamond™ Shatter

In 2011 when both the concentrates and the dispensary scenes were just getting established in Canada, a few passionate enthusiasts went looking for a means to disrupt the industry and bring a higher standard to some of the most discerning consumers in the world. They traveled to California, tried the best, and struck a deal to bring back the most cutting edge technology in the field. When they came back and combined this with BC Cannabis, the results were striking and the brand was quickly known among concentrate enthusiasts as reliably excellent. Today we continue this legacy: using only the best local strains, and putting the best methods and technology to work extracting all that greatness for your enjoyment.